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When Todd Waterman came to Washington, D.C. with the Alliance for Appalachia two years ago, he probably didn’t know he would soon become a longstanding, go-to advocate for legislation in his state, and DJ Coker didn’t know he would soon join our Coordinating Committee and convene the Alliance’s regional Citizen’s Enforcement Team. What they did know was that they had a story to tell, that their communities matter, and that members of Congress have a duty to hear them out.

RTL: Representative Diane Black’s aide, Vickie Terry, DJ Coker, Caitlin Myers, Adam Hughes, Todd Waterman

Your support along with our other partners in justice will help bring 40 representatives from our member organizations across the region to Washington, D.C. to reclaim our story around environmental justice and our economic future. Will you join us in building leadership and capacity by contributing to this trip? Your donation will allow us to provide a platform for grassroots leaders to speak truth to power and to share their experiences of living on the frontlines of environmental injustices.
Your support will help us:
  • Build leadership and capacity among residents of Appalachia and members of the Alliance by providing scholarships and training so that they may meaningfully engage with elected representatives.
  • Meet with members of Congress to educate them on the health impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining in our communities and advocate support for the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund. For decades, coal companies have pushed their costs onto people living near their operations and bailed on promises to provide healthcare to coal miners struggling with black lung. The rate of coal miners lung disease has doubled in less than a decade, creating an industrial epidemic across Appalachia. As we work for a just transition, we must stand up for our neighbors and hold the coal industry accountable to their debts and devastation.
  • Urge members of Congress to invest in our region by passing the RECLAIM Act (HR 1731). This bill is a unique, bipartisan proposal with support across the country; it would release $1 billion of existing funds to clean up toxic pollution on abandoned mine sites and promote community-led development.
  • Take action alongside allies in D.C. to reclaim the narratives and visions of people living in Appalachia by providing space for our members to tell their stories and experiences with confidence.
In supporting our efforts in Washington, D.C. you’ll give voice to an intergenerational group of frontline citizens working for clean water and healthy communities. The Appalachian region has paid a heavy price for coal industry abuse, from degraded land to our people’s health. Our members hold a strong vision of where we’re heading and have clear goals of how we’re going to get there. We see reclamation as a key component to achieving clean water, while also providing an opportunity to boost development and job creation.

“If I’d learned one thing as an activist, it’s that saying ‘yes’ to something I’ve never done before can be a tremendously empowering experience . . . If I had a lot to learn, that meant I’d learn a lot.” – John Todd Waterman, TN climate activist and member of Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment. Read all about his 2016 experience in the full article.

In 2016 we brought nearly 40 community leaders to DC. Together, we met with more than 35 congressional representatives and 8 federal agencies that have key roles in protecting our communities from environmental injustice, including 2 meetings at the White House with executive administration offices. The total cost of this 2018 upcoming trip is estimated to be over $27,000. Will you contribute $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000 to help us reach our goal?

Working towards a just transition in the mountains,

The Alliance for Appalachia

P.S. By bringing local leaders to share their stories and advocate for community-led change, we’re demonstrating the reason this Alliance was established– to amplify local work with a regional voice while building leadership and capacity to implement a just transition. Will you join our efforts by contributing by September 15th?